Things To Avoid After Exercising

You just finished an incredible workout. Brilliant! But training isn’t the only thing that matters: what you do right after training is key to a good recovery and muscle growth.

Forget About Hydration

Most people suffer from chronic dehydration. You must make sure you drink enough. And how much is that? Approximately 30-35 ml for every kilo of body weight, in addition to 500-1000 ml for every hour of exercise you do. This is particularly important if you sweat a lot! Hydrate before, during, and especially after your workout to speed up post-workout recovery.

Do Not Eat After Training

Are you one of those people who can’t eat after a workout? Or are you trying to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight? Whatever the reason, not eating after training is a big mistake. You have depleted energy stores, so the body needs to replenish them to recover and support muscle growth.

You should try to eat a snack, even a small one, about 30 minutes after exercising. The best option is a combination of protein and carbohydrates. How about any of these post-workout recipes or these stuffed sweet potatoes?

Eating Too Much After Exercising

You come home after training and want to eat everything in the fridge. Not giving the body adequate fuel after a workout can sabotage weight loss efforts.

If you are hungry during workouts, you are not filling yourself with energy in the right way for your sessions. If you finish exercising without hunger, you reduce the chances of overeating after training.

Forget Stretching

The heating and cooling are just another part of your workout. Muscles will respond much better when you treat them well and give them the time they need to recover.

Not Tidying Up Or Cleaning Your Workout Space

Clean up your workout space, whether it’s at home or the gym. It is not pleasant to find the weights lying around, so do not forget to order the equipment. This tip is especially important if you do weight training or weight lifting at the gym. You should always clean and disinfect equipment and make sure you put the weights back where you found them.